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Welcome to Sound and Stone Studios in Atlanta. We are a creative community of people specializing in production, recording, mixing and mastering. We also offer a premier rehearsal space available for rent in the heart of Atlanta near Atlantic Station.


…And So Much More

Sound and Stone is one of Atlanta’s top recording facilities known for its blend of state of the art and vintage equipment. We provide affordable high-end recording and rehearsal space to Atlanta’s independent music community. We have two studios capable of meeting the needs of the industry’s most discerning clientele. Sound and Stone Recording Studios features a seasoned, dedicated staff of technical engineers as well as the ability to draw from a diverse pool of highly qualified musicians and production engineers.




Your Music

Sound and Stone Studios is one of Atlanta’s premier recording studios, located steps from Atlantic Station. Taking influences from the top studios around the world, Sound and Stone was designed to create a unique, unforgettable studio experience with an emphasis on creativity, sound quality, productivity and privacy. Our goal is to provide every client with an energizing environment that elicits the highest quality of music and the most creative energy.


Of Experience

Sound and Stone Studios is staffed by a team of dedicated, professional sound engineers equipped with years of experience, working with a diverse range of artists from many different genres, nations and cultures. Accustomed to Atlanta’s recording needs, Sound and Stone is available for recording and mixing sessions, pre and post production, rehearsals, photoshoots, interviews, live music recordings, voiceovers, private functions and full studio bookings.

sqft live room

As you would expect from the engineers at one of the best recording studios in Atlanta, not only do we have the best gear, our award-winning hitmakers know exactly how to get the best from it – and from our clients. Our sound engineers and assistant engineers are some of the best in the business. They are able to deal with the most demanding of sessions, and are involved as much or as little as our clients require.
Meet the team:

Our Team

Taylor Cinnamon

Taylor also known as Wilkes Booth from the Dirty Lincoln production team, can help you with any tracking, production, and mixing needs.

Darrin Harrison

Being a multi-instrumentalist with years of live playing experience, Darrin can can assist with your writing and production sessions as well as the go to for any studio related questions you may have.

Nick Trotta

With years of production and playing experience as Triz, Nick can help you produce and mix your tracks to the highest standards in any genre.

Alex Cogdill

Alex can pull from his years of studio and live mixing experience to shape your songs to the ultimate level. Being a talented musician helps him get the best out of your music no matter the genre.

Keith O'Neill

Keith can pull from his years of mastering experience to elevate your music to the next level. Being one of the few certified Mastered for iTunes engineers in Atlanta, he can make sure your tracks follow all the requirements for various distribution methods.

Zak Waddle

With an extensive knowledge of music theory and guitar, Zak can help you with any of your writing and tracking needs.

Sound and Stone Recording Studios features a seasoned, dedicated staff of technical engineers as well as the ability to draw from a diverse pool of highly qualified musicians and production engineers.



Be comfortable in our live room which is equally adept in capturing intimate vocals to a big drum sound. Let our engineers tailor the right sound and equipment for your music goals. Check out some of our available instruments and tools below:



Our mixing facilities are tuned to get the best sonic and spatial sound out of your music. Let our engineers help you shape your project using a vast array of the latest digital plug-ins coupled with analog gear. Check out some of our equipment below:



Our mastering engineers can make sure your music translates to multiple play-back sources at commercial levels. Our certified Mastered for iTunes engineer can take your music to the best sonic and marketable light. Check out some of the high quality analog gear than can be used on your music below:

Our Equipment

Miktek CV3 x 1

Manley Langevin CR2001 x 1

Groove Tubes GT66 x 1

Audio Technica AT2020 x 2

Rode NT5 Matched Pair x 2

Samson C02 x 2

Shure SM57 x 4

Shure SM7b x 2

Miktek PM10 x 3

Miktek PM11 x 1

Sennheiser e609 x 1

Radial Pro D2 Stereo DI x 1

Line 6 Loop Station x 1

M-Audio Oxygen 8v2 x 1

M-Audio Axiom 49 x 1

Korg Kontrol 49 x 1

Nectar Impact LX 49 x 1

Harbinger L502 Headphone Amps x 6

Hearback System

Sennheiser HD280 x 2

Denon AHD2000 x 1

Sony MDR-v600 x 1

Shure SRH440 x 1

Yamaha HS80 x 2

Yamaha Ns-10 x 2

Tannoy SRM 12b x 2

M-Audio BX8 x 2

Avatone Mixcube x 2

JBL LSR308 x 2

QSC GX3 x 1

Haffler TransNova x 1

Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 x 1

Focusrite Octopre MkII x 1

Universal Audio Apollo 16 x 1

Universal Audio Apollo 8P x 1

Avalon sp737 x 1

Presonus BlueTube DP V2 x 1

Cloudlifter CL2 x 1

Soundcraft Ghost LE x 56

Soundcraft Ghost LE + Expander 56 Channels
SPL Transient Designer 4 Channel x 1

SPL MK2-T Vitalizer x 1

Empirical Labs 7x Fatso Jr x 1

API 2500 x 1

Kush Electra x 1

Chameleon Labs 7720 x 1

Rocktron 320 x 1

Epiphone ES 339 x 1

Epiphone Les Paul x 1

Epiphone Dot x 1

Fender Stratocaster x 3

Ibanez AX320T x 1

Kramer Focus 1000 x 1

Stagg Telecaster x 1

Hondo Revival x 1

Taylor 314CE x 1

Sierra Dreadnought x 1

First Act Student Scale x 1

Yamaha Dreadnought x 1

Fender Precision Bass x 1

Fender Jazz Bass x 1

Gretsch Thunder x 1

Pearl Session Custom Kit

14″ Snare

22″ Kick Drum

10″ Rack Tom

12″ Rack Tom

14″ Floor Tom

20″ Sabian Ride Cymbal

16″ Sabian Crash Cymbal

14″ Sabian High Hats

12″ Sabian China

Orange Tiny Terror x 1

Peavey 5150 x 1

Peavey Studio Pro 112 x 1

Peavey Musician x 1

Line 6 Spider IV x 1

Acoustic B200mkII x 1

Lil Smokey Cigarette Amp x 1

Dr.Z 1×12 Vintage 12′ x 1

Peavey 4×12 x 1

Kustom 2×15 x 1

Baldwin Acrosonic Upright 1976 x 1

Magnus Electric Chord Organ x 1

Leipzig-S x 1

Nord Lead Air x 1

Access Virus x 1

Moog Minitaur x 1

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Check out what some of our guest are saying:

  • “Monte Casino thanks you all! The room was HUGE! Drums – Epic! Guitars – Epic! Cheers to your efforts and all your help!”Monte Casino
  • “Keith you are the man. Thanks for taking care of me and my buds from Cali. The tracks turned out spectacular and we had a blast to boot.”Joe Kay
  • “The space and the people who exist in it are equally awesome. I’m grateful to have found this space and I’m looking forwards to growing here. The essence of this space means more than your know.”Solan Rai
  • “Sound and Stone…A place of excellence. Thank you for the opportunity.”Amanuel Befecadu
  • “Great Vibes! Good People! If you you haven’t been here, you’re losing.”Millz Lane
  • “Ya’ll got a great thing going. Keep it real – good vibes translate into great music. Hustle hard and show them what ATL stands for!”George Schick
  • “Thanks for being awesome!”Juangui Aguayo
  • “You guys are amazing ♥”Paz Aquayo
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