Sound and Stone Studios

Welcome to Sound and Stone Studios in Atlanta. We are a creative community of people specializing in production, recording, mixing and mastering..

Who we are.

As you would expect from the engineers at the best recording studio in Atlanta, not only do we have the best gear, our award-winning hitmakers know exactly how to get the best from it – and from our clients. Our sound engineers and assistant engineers are some of the best in the business. They are able to deal with the most demanding of sessions, and are involved as much or as little as our clients require. Sound and Stone Recording Studios features a seasoned staff of Atlanta based engineers as well as the ability to draw from a diverse pool of highly qualified musicians and production engineers.


Co-Owner | Engineer


Co-Owner | Engineer


Co-Owner | Studio Manager


Co-Owner | Engineer


Co-Owner | Engineer


Assistant Engineer


Sound & Stone is equipped with an over 680 sqft live tracking room with high ceilings and state of the art gear along with vintage favorites. With the amount of space available bands from large to small can multitrack or play live comfortably.


Our engineers have years of experience in several genres and will mix your songs to commercial standards. Our studios are equipped for full digital or analog mixing workflows to accommodate any style or sound.


Mastering is the final step in the recording process that can make your songs stand out amongst the rest of the market. Our engineers will make sure your mix sounds loud enough to compete against commercial standards while ensuring that it will sound good from any playback source; from your car to the club.


If you're a songwriter trying to find the right song or musicians to record on a project, we can elevate your words to reality with years of experience in any genre. Even with just an idea of a song in your head, our production engineers can help you craft that song into life.

How we work.

1We believe every good project starts with a strong relationship. That means we're going to want to meet you (whether that's in-person or a phone call) to find out your unique needs and wants, and to let you get to know us as well. Once we're both confident that the working relationship is a good fit, we'll draw up a price quote and draft a contract that suits you.

2We begin to bring your music to life! Depending on what your project entails, that could mean recording live instrumentation, mixing your entire multitrack session, or finishing the process with a high quality master. For music production, this is also the stage where we ask for feedback from you. It's hard to fully envision what a music experience is going to feel like without constant feedback, so we want to make sure that the projects we're delivering is just what you had imagined (or even better!)

3We wrap up the project, and deliver you the goods! We'd like to believe that our relationship doesn't have to end once the project is over! We try to follow up with our clients occasionally to make sure everything is going well. We love maintaining strong and healthy working relationships, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions or if you'd like to work with us for another project!