Immersive Atlanta’s Record/Receive

Recently we recorded a song for Syndey Eloise and The Palms for the first video in a series from Immersive Atlanta. We were so thrilled that Sound and Stone Studios could be a part of it.

New Intern Positions Available

Here at Sound and Stone we are always trying to educate as many people as possible about our craft. Recently we have begun offering internships at our studio. We typically will run two interns at a time with a 90 day internship period. We are close to wrapping up our first 90 day period with Zak Waddle and Steve Bell. …

Sound and Stone opens to Rehearsal Clients

  Here at Sound and Stone studios we are continually dedicated to helping out the independent musician and music community here in the Atlanta area. That’s why we are now proud to offer a premium rehearsal space now available for booking. We offer a convenient and affordable place for musicians to come together to collaborate, network and practice in the heart …

Want to be part of our Artist Series?

As a premier recording studio in Atlanta for the independent music community, we want to give the opportunity to let some of you shine. We are setting up a video series to be shot at Sound and Stone Studios that will feature you! We will conduct a short interview and record a live set with each artist that would then …

Daniel Disaster is in the house

  We have recently had Daniel Disaster from Heroes X Villains in the studio working on a myriad of work. With Daniels production skills and talent, it’s been a real treat hearing whats been going on. He’s been hard at work along with some production friends utilizing our A room.

Ben Price as a Guest Engineer

  Ben Price from Studi Laroche was in recently working on an upcoming release from Monte Casino. Ben works with local artist like Little Tybee and Faun and the Pan Flute. It was great to have such an experienced engineer here enjoying the sound of our room. The tracks turned out awesome!

Mastered for iTunes

  Sound and Stone is proud to be an approved Mastered for iTunes facility. Our lead mastering engineer, is now a certified Mastered for iTunes mastering engineer. Be sure to send your tracks over to get the highest quality master from your music.